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Business Development Groups for Women in St Albans

Want to develop and grow your business?

The Bird TableTM is a business development group run by a professional business coach, aimed at helping you to grow and develop your business and yourself. It is suitable for any woman running their own business, from freelancers and sole traders to those running medium size companies.

The groups are small, maximum of 8 members, consisting of other like-minded business owners and meet once per month for three months. Each session runs for two and a half hours.

It provides an opportunity to step outside of your business and work on your business rather than in it. It gives you dedicated time to focus on your business challenges, think about where and what you want your business to be and time to reflect. All this takes place within in a safe, confidential environment, with ample support and challenge.

This is not networking, or selling… this is a place to focus on your own business.

Why join?

  • Dedicate time to work on your business rather than in it
  • Focus on those business challenges you have been avoiding
  • Set goals, and be held accountable for them
  • Benefit from being part of group, with shared knowledge and experiences and mutual support
  • Improve your thinking and ability to stretch yourself

Want to know more before booking?